Nibbi Concrete/Self-Perform

Nibbi has achieved considerable success, even during economic downturns, by providing exceptional service to our clients. To further enhance this client service experience, we established Nibbi Concrete in 2005. By self-performing our clients’ structural concrete work, we are able to provide stronger price certainty, lower costs, stricter schedule control, and higher quality.

In addition to Nibbi Concrete, we also have the ability to self-perform rough and finish carpentry, doors, frames and hardware with over 100 skilled carpenters and laborers in the field. We have found self-performing work also leads to schedule, budget and quality improvements.

Our estimating department performs take-offs of our self-perform work, but we also accept subcontractors’ bids for these trades. If a subcontractor’s bid is lower than our own estimate, we use their bid in pricing a job. This gives us the flexibility to be as competitive as possible in any market condition.

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