Nibbi Prefab / Modular

The construction industry is significantly transforming to increase efficiency, sustainability, and speed.  Prefabricated and modular construction is leading this revolution, offering developers, designers, and construction partners cutting-edge methods that support
cost-effectiveness, consistent quality, minimized risk, eco-friendly design, and safer building practices.

Modular construction requires a collaborative approach among all project stakeholders. From preconstruction through project delivery, NibbiPrefab works directly with clients, design teams, modular manufacturers, and Nibbi operations staff to ensure the successful design, procurement, and construction of the project.

At the onset of preconstruction, NibbiPrefab works with the client and architect to determine the feasibility of applying modular construction to the project. Through in-house estimating and collaboration with its trade partners, we thoughtfully evaluate construction costs, schedule, site logistics and building design to validate modular construction will best serve our client’s goals.

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NibbiPrefab is proud to be a member of the Modular Building Institute, exemplifying our commitment to excellence in modular construction.