Building Trust

We continuously strive to better serve our clients through collaboration, innovation and efficiency. So, naturally, we’re delighted when they commend us—either publicly or privately—for meeting their objectives. Here is what some of our clients have to say about working with Nibbi:

Dennis Bartels, Executive Director, Exploratorium
Project: The Exploratorium
“Refurbishing and seismically upgrading an historic pier that spans the length of almost three football fields over the water is a major construction and engineering feat. Nibbi Brothers has been with us every step of the way. They have been excellent partners, working with us on a very difficult and expansive site and paying attention to major initiatives and minor details including the development of an efficient and collaborative working team. They are personally wonderful people, to boot, and as enthusiastic about our project as we are!”

Paula Collins, President, Portfolio Real Estate Consulting

Project:149 Mason Street
“All contractors are not the same.Nibbi excels in two ways: One, Nibbi has been working in San Francisco for years. They know who is going to get the job done well,and they are very good at working within city, state and federal requirements. Two, how you set up a project before you even get to the site is critical. Nibbi is very good at helping owners early in the process get it right. They go over early estimates, do value engineering to see where they can save money, and review the architecture and engineering plans to make sure there are no gaps. Precon is Nibbi’s signature strength.”

Steve Ronzone, Owner Representative
Laborer’s Building Local 261
“I’m exceptionally proud that Nibbi was involved in this project. It turned out well, and the immediate neighborhood and community were pleased with the project.”

Diane Filippi, Director, SPUR Urban Center
Project: SPUR Urban Center
“This was a very challenging project. Nibbi’s commitment to SPUR and San Francisco to make this project happen was really extraordinary.”

Jim Cook, Parish Manager, San Francisco Archdiocese
Project: St. Stephen’s Parish Center
“Nibbi has an excellent relationship with the Archdiocese. They have worked for us as a team for many years, and our parish center project is an example of that successful teamwork.”

Dan Deibel, Managing Director, Urban Housing Group
Project: Strata Apartments
“None of us had ever gone through a process like this. But on this project, you had the architect, contractor, owner working week in and week out on a $60 Million project, and it was textbook. In fact, it was better then textbook; they should write a book about it. The project was a great success story.”

Jack Heffernan, Project Manager, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
Project: LBNL Buildings 50 & 74
“Seismic renovation projects entail a lot of unknowns and hidden challenges. It’s not unusual to uncover conditions that can significantly slow down the schedule or add to the cost, but Nibbi fielded an experienced team that was able to mitigate schedule and budget impacts. The Building 50 & 74 project was the first partnership for Nibbi and LBNL, but we look forward to partnering with the company again on upcoming work.”

Teresa Clarke, Senior Design and Construction Manager, Affordable Housing Associates –
Madison Apartments
“I think Nibbi’s main strength is in preconstruction. Our budget was really tight, but we wanted exceptional value for our tenants. Nibbi did some great value engineering for us and helped us figure out solutions before we committed anything to paper.”

Bruce Bengston, Project Architect, Taylor Lombardo Architects
La Porziuncola Nuova
“The fact that the doors, frescoes and other custom pieces, all fabricated by the artisans in Italy, actually fit with the construction here in San Francisco testifies to the skill and foresight of all. It was pleasure to work with Nibbi Brothers on the Porziuncola project; everyone was top-notch.”

Paula Lewis, Director of Operations, St. Anthony Foundation
Project: St. Anthony Foundation Social Services Building
“Nibbi has a great deal of integrity. They were honest, transparent and neutral. It was an easy relationship, and we had the feeling they had our best interests at heart.”

Jim Hansen, Vice President, Larkspur Hospitality
Hotel Abri
“The Nibbi management team met all challenges exceedingly well, with professionalism and, maybe even more importantly, a caring, cooperative approach. Larkspur is very happy with the outcome.”

Bryan Moore, Senior Project Manager, AvalonBay
Project: Avalon Mission Bay, Phase III (Concrete)
“This was the first time Nibbi had used this technique [column-hung, flying-form truss system]. They also had the added pressure of working under an aggressive schedule. But Nibbi did the job as well or better than anyone else, and they exceeded our schedule demands.”