Dianne Feinstein Elementary School

New School for San Francisco’s Sunset District.
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San Francisco
May 2006
13 months
K2A Architects
San Francisco Unified School District

Project Summary

Dianne Feinstein Elementary came to life in May of 2006. This new 64,000 square-foot K-5 school is located in San Francisco’s Sunset district. Dianne Feinstein Elementary replaces Parkside School, which was closed in the late 1970s but remained opened for administrative offices and storage until it was demolished in 2004. The school includes 26 classrooms, a library, a multi-purpose room and an outdoor play area. It is a 2-story wood-frame building with a concrete slab-on-grade foundation. The position of this project serves two purposes: it ensures the new 2-story building does not tower over its residential neighbors blocking out the sunlight, and it enables the building to act as a wind barrier for the play area. The result is a school with a large, open, sunny area on the southeast side of the site for students. To date the school has been a success. The feedback from the district and the teachers has been positive as well. Dianne Feinstein Elementary is a welcome addition to San Francisco’s Sunset neighborhood.