Nibbi's Safety Culture

Nibbi Employees and Subcontractors:

To access Nibbi jobsites, you must watch the Nibbi Safety Orientation Video. We have both English and Spanish versions available.

Safety Orientation Video (English)

Safety Orientation Video (Spanish)

Nibbi Safety Culture

Nibbi Brothers General Contractors is firmly committed to maintaining the safest possible jobsite for our employees, subcontractors, clients, and the community. At Nibbi, safety is more than a priority; it is truly one of our most tightly held core values. As such, we constantly strive to improve awareness and incident prevention through outstanding programs, staff training, and pre-planning efforts. Nibbi’s mission is to foster and advance a culture that believes every person deserves a safe and healthy work environment. There are four keys to this accomplishment:

  • A collaborative and integrative approach to safety involving the client, Nibbi, architects, engineers, subcontractors, vendors, etc.
  • Demonstrative and supportive leadership in safety by all members of the construction team.
  • Ownership and commitment to the success of the project by all team members.
  • Accountability for one’s actions through constant measurement, deliverables, feedback, and effective interventions when actions do not support or fall short of goals.


Guiding our safety efforts is our comprehensive Environmental Health & Safety Program for Injury and Illness Prevention, employed by our Vice President of Environmental Health & Safety and staff. This award-winning program and its continual and effective implementation has earned Nibbi recognition for its safety efforts, including:

  • The Construction Employers Association (CEA) “President’s Award”
  • The Construction Employers Association (CEA) “Excellence in Safety” Award (2003 – Present)
  • ASCC Safety Improvement Award – Nibbi Concrete (2020 – Present)