Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Quality workmanship is significant to Nibbi. We pride ourselves on our reputation, integrity, and innovation. We find this focus on quality during the preconstruction, construction, and post-construction stages result in our success in retaining clients and their repeat business. Below are some steps Nibbi takes to ensure quality control and project success from start to finish.


  • Ensure waterproofing details are well-designed and cost-effective.
  • Review drainage design at planters and roofs to ensure the installation of effective systems with compatible products.
  • Review wall assemblies.
  • Review deck coatings and metal coatings.
  • Work diligently with manufacturers to assist the project team in product selection, design, and installation requirements.


  • Hold Pre-Task Meetings to review approved products and manufacturer’s installation procedures before the start of a task.
  • Manufacturers’ representatives perform site visits to review substrate conditions before the installation of their products and provide letters of compliance.
  • Mock-ups are built to demonstrate the required level of workmanship and proposed range of aesthetic effects through a consensus from architects.


  • Perform site inspections for tasks including, but not limited to: waterproofing, window installation, roofing, and coating installations.
  • Manufacturer’s representatives perform site visits to review installations and provide compliance letters.
  • Provide oversight during water testing of windows, storefronts, and wall assemblies.
  • Work with architects to develop required details.


  • Perform final building/site walk-throughs and verify installed systems are performing per contract requirements.
  • Perform close-out training on all building systems, such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and landscaping irrigation systems.
  • Provide training videos and electronic Operations and Maintenance Manuals to the client.
  • Assist Building/Maintenance Managers with warranty issues.

Nibbi’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control Department is involved in every project from start to finish and is a liaison between the client and subcontractors/suppliers. Nibbi values our history with repeat clients and looks forward to creating new relationships with prospective clients, and it is the quality of our work product makes this possible.