Joseph Mazzola Plumbers Union Training Center Phase I-IV

Renovation of New Training Center for Local 38.
San Francisco
30 months
$12 million
CAS Architects
United Associates of Journeymen & Apprentices—Plumbing

Project Summary

Nibbi Brothers was selected by the UA Local 38 for the renovation of the 3-story, 30,000 SF Joseph Mazzola Plumbers Union Training Center in San Francisco. Construction work was performed in four phases over a two-and-half year period. The building is wood-frame warehouse augmented with steel. The project consisted of the demolition of the existing building down to the shell, followed by structural rehabilitation that increased the strength of the existing foundation with larger footing and micro piles. Nibbi then completed the build out of the training center which consisted of office/conference room space, welding and soldering booths, as well as HVAC stations for training.

The project is LEED® Silver and consists of the following sustainable building elements:

Flow restrictors on all faucets

Material for all cabinets and countertops that are free of added formaldehyde

Recycle at least 75% of construction waste

Only materials with Low (VOC) volatile organic compound are used

High efficient heating system

Fully commissioned building systems

Water efficient landscaping

Adhering to an Indoor Air Quality Management Plan