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February 14, 2019

Nibbi Receives the 2018 Excellence in Safety Award

Nibbi is proud to receive the 2018 Excellence in Safety Award from the Construction Safety Employers’ Association (CEA) for a third consecutive year. Cassie Hilaski (Director of Environmental Health and Safety), Robert Ortiz (Safety Manager) and Joe Lenz (Superintendent) attended the annual luncheon to accept the award.

The Excellence in Safety Award is awarded to companies whose total incident rate and lost workday incident rate is 25 percent below the industry average. The award is also for businesses whose experience modification rate (EMR) is lower than 1.0 and who maintain a vigorous training program. Nibbi is thrilled to be recognized for our safety achievements!

Nibbi values safety and strives to achieve and maintain a world-class safety culture in which all workers on the job site feel empowered to speak up to ensure everyone’s safety.

Thank you to our project teams and Safety Department for creating a culture in which safety is the priority and to our Senior Management Team for providing the resources and training to staff to ensure they feel supported.