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Article - September 19, 2023

ICYMI: Modular Construction Summit: Formula for Success

In the ever-evolving world of construction, a paradigm shift is underway, and it’s called modular construction. Industry leaders, including Nibbi’s Senior Preconstruction Manager, Randall Thompson, recently convened at The Registry’s “Modular Construction Summit: Formula for Success” webinar to share their insights into this innovative approach and explore the formula for success. Watch the entire webinar here or read on for a recap of what was discussed!

The Growing Industry and Continued Learning

One resounding theme echoed throughout the webinar was the rapid growth of the modular construction industry. As Caleb Roope, President & CEO of The Pacific Cos., succinctly said, “Modular is an amazing solution when applied correctly.” The enthusiasm for modular construction is palpable, but success lies in understanding how to harness its potential.

Developers, architects, and builders are still learning to perfect their modular methods. “What have we taken from our learning curves?” was a question posed to the panel, emphasizing that we are on a collective learning journey. It’s clear that there are different ways to approach modular construction, but continuing to learn and finding the right one is crucial for modular success.

Collaboration and Key Factors for Success

A recurring theme emphasized the importance of collaboration. To truly succeed in modular construction, it’s essential for everyone involved to share the same vision. Ioanna Magiati, Partner at AO Architects, pointed out, “Same vision, one team; collaboration equals modular success.” This synergy is the backbone of successful modular projects.

Rick Murdock, Co-Founder & CEO of Autovol, identified four key factors companies seek when considering modular construction: cost-efficiency, labor efficiency, quality, and time savings. These are the pillars upon which modular construction stands, offering significant advantages when executed correctly.

Overcoming Pushbacks and Best Practices

Randall stressed that to achieve optimum cost and schedule efficiency over traditional construction, one must begin with a “Modular Mindset;” this means diligent homework and thoughtful planning in the early stages of development and design. Caleb shared the common pushback of developers who become discouraged when faced with a lack of experience, stressing the need to assemble the right team, adopt the proper methods, and embrace this different way of building.

The summit offered valuable insights into best practices for modular construction:

    • Early Involvement: Get all stakeholders involved early in the process.
    • Know Your Manufacturers: Foster close relationships with manufacturers and subcontractors.
    • Teamwork: Building a cohesive team with transparent communication is crucial.
    • Transparency: Be transparent about expectations and abilities to foster trust and collaboration.

In conclusion, the “Modular Construction Summit: Formula for Success” was a testament to the exciting potential of modular construction. With collaboration, a modular mindset, and adherence to best practices, the future of building looks bright.

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