Pier 70 Historic Re-Use

Seismic upgrades and build-out of historic structures for commercial use
  • Pier 70
San Francisco
$27 million
Marcy Wong Donn Logan
Orton Development

Project Summary

Located in the City’s Central Waterfront between Mariposa and 22nd Street, the Pier 70 site has been recognized as a future National Historic District. Nibbi secured, seismically upgraded and restored in-kind seven type III-B existing structures to their original purpose of office and industrial spaces.

The project work included seismic upgrades, waterproofing and build-out of multiple historic structures. This included restoring electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems; landscaping, utilities, infrastructure and site work. The total square footage of the project was 183,098 sq. ft. Nibbi repurposed these spaces to accommodate office and retail tenants.