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Article - December 18, 2019

Nibbi goes Modular!

Why is modular building so popular? Because it allows builders to begin construction off-site while waiting for permits and since the units are built in a factory setting, weather delays are non-existent! All of this means, efficiency and an on-schedule project for our clients.

Although 355 Sango Court is not technically Nibbi’s first modular project, it will be our first of this scale! A fun fact: Nibbi’s first modular project was completed in 1970 for the San Francisco Unified School District. To prepare for 355 Sango Court, the project team met with contractors to learn more.

Nibbi met with two modular contractors at their factories. On this trip, we gained insight into the modular manufacturing process from floor framing to unit finishes and how onsite structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire sprinkler connections are made between the modular units and the site-built construction.

For the 355 Sango Court project, Nibbi is looking to partner with a modular company to manufacture approximately 110 modules that will be set on-site to construct the 102-unit wood-framed apartment structure. We are eager to get to work on this project for RCD Housing!