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Company Information - January 23, 2014

Nibbi Concrete Wins Kaiser Excellence in Safety Award

Jeff Shibata (center), Nibbi Concrete Project Manager

Nibbi Concrete, which recently completed a $15.7 million project for the new Kaiser Oakland Hospital Project, yesterday received an “Excellence in Safety Award” from Kaiser Permanente / Zurich / McCarthy Building Co.

The new Kaiser Oakland Hospital is a 13-story, 620,000-sq.-ft. structural steel building. Nibbi Concrete’s scope of work included all structural excavation, foundation work, concrete retaining walls, and all place and finish of structural concrete slabs for the hospital and hospital loading dock.

One of the unique aspects of the project was that Nibbi Concrete had to control the temperature of the concrete in the foundations to prevent cracking. The team accomplished this by injecting liquid nitrogen into the mix during placement, covering the pile caps and grade beams with thermal blankets, and monitoring the heat of the concrete both at the core and near the surface.

“This was a large and highly complex project with more than 78,000 man hours, yet we had zero lost-time injuries on the project,” says Site Safety Coordinator Erick Rodriguez. “That number doesn’t begin to describe the amount of work and complexity of the tasks our carpenters and laborers were faced with on this project. Overall, this was a job well done by the entire Concrete team, under some tough conditions.”