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Company Information - September 21, 2012

Larry Nibbi Honored at 34th Annual Construction Industry Lunch-O-Ree, benefitting San Francisco Bay Area Council of Boy Scouts

┬áNibbi’s own Larry Nibbi (CEO) was presented the “Good Scout” award at the 34th Annual Construction Industry Lunch-O-Ree on Friday, Sept. 21, 2012.

Each year, a leader in the construction industry is given the award for significant contributions to the community.

This year, the event, which benefits the San Francisco Bay Area Council of Boy Scouts, raised nearly $400,000–in contributions.

Larry was introduced by his brother Sergio Nibbi (Chairman of the Board), with whom Larry led Nibbi Brothers General Contractors from 1973-1998. The keynote speaker was Larry’s friend and business partner San Francisco Giants President and CEO Larry Baer.

The video played to introduce Larry and outline the reasons he was selected for the award is posted on You Tube: