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Article - July 15, 2016

Affordable Housing Renovations in Full Swing

Work is in full swing across four different occupied renovation sites in San Francisco, and tenants moving back into their units are thrilled with the results. “We’re definitely on top of the wave now,” Nibbi Project Executive Mike Nibbi said as he explained how far the team has come since construction began this past winter. “We’re holding to the schedule, turning over 6-8 newly renovated units every 3-5 weeks, and the residents and owners are very pleased with the project results.”

Nibbi’s teams are enjoying the unique challenges that come with renovation work, and the most rewarding aspect of the project is the positive impact it has on the residents. So far, about 140 families have successfully moved back in and are enjoying their newly renovated homes.

The Robert B. Pitts Plaza project comprises 203 units across 21 buildings and is expected to be completed by mid-2017. The California Corridor Phase 1 project includes buildings at Pine Street, Arguello Street and 31st Avenue, comprises of 262 total units, and is planned to continue through to mid-2017, with phase 2 commencing late this year.

Robert B. Pitts Plaza resident Gisela and her family were so pleased with the improvements to their unit they invited Nibbi team members into their home to share lunch together!