November 2023

Sango Court Case Study

Sango Court, an affordable housing development located in Milpitas, CA, embraces the future of construction with its innovative modular design. This transit-oriented development comprises two buildings with a shared courtyard and 102 modularly constructed units. This new development addresses the pressing need for affordable housing and exemplifies the benefits of modular construction when seamless integration and techniques are executed effectively. Read more about the challenges and successes we discovered during the modular and building process in our case study. Case study courtesy of Autovol.  

September 2023

ICYMI: Modular Construction Summit: Formula for Success

In the ever-evolving world of construction, a paradigm shift is underway, and it’s called modular construction. Industry leaders, including Nibbi’s Senior Preconstruction Manager, Randall Thompson, recently convened at The Registry’s “Modular Construction Summit: Formula for Success” webinar to share their insights into this innovative approach and explore the formula for success. Watch the entire webinar here or read on for a recap of what was discussed! The Growing Industry and Continued Learning One resounding theme echoed throughout the webinar was the rapid growth of the modular construction industry. As Caleb Roope, President & CEO of The Pacific Cos., succinctly said, “Modular is an ...

March 2023

Partnering for Success at Sango Ct

The award of the Sango Court project marks Nibbi’s first foray into modular construction since the 1970’s. As newcomers to modern modular construction, Nibbi approached the Sango Court project with extensive research on partnership, manufacturing, and process. Today the team’s construction process is sure-footed and honed to bring the project to completion by fall 2023. Once constructed, Sango Court will be a transit-oriented affordable rental development. Located in Milpitas, the transit-rich site is approximately half a mile away from Milpitas BART station, and close to parks, shopping, schools, dining, and jobs.  Working Hand in Hand with the Project Owners Sango ...