About Nibbi

Kira Feuz

Director of Community Engagement & Workforce Development
Kira’s role as Director of Community Engagement & Workforce Development at Nibbi is focused on ensuring that the company’s projects meet governmental labor standards while also working with community-focused workforce agencies and promoting engagement with small and local businesses. As a construction compliance professional, Kira has a thorough understanding of relevant regulations and standards as well as the policies and procedures needed to ensure compliance. 

Kira has utilized her experience in project management, data analysis, and reporting  to develop internal policies for tracking and measuring project local hire participation and outreach to underserved populations and underutilized businesses. Her ability to work with Community-Based Organizations to match local job seekers with hiring opportunities on Nibbi projects demonstrates her ability to build relationships and work collaboratively with external stakeholders.

Kira’s experience and skills make her a valuable asset to Nibbi by ensuring compliance with labor standards and promoting community engagement and workforce development. Her credentials as a construction compliance professional provide the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate complex regulatory requirements and ensure that Nibbi’s projects are completed successfully.

•             Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance—University of Hawaii, Manoa
•             12 years of construction industry experience