Subcontractor's Qualification - Textura

Nibbi Brothers General Contractors is an active construction firm always searching for high-quality subcontractors in order to obtain the most aggressive bids at the onset of a project.

As a part of our new Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Program, Nibbi Brothers is pleased to announce several improvements in the way subcontractor pre-qualification data will be collected, evaluated and monitored. These improvements will be achieved through an expanded relationship with our technology partner, Textura Corporation.

Textura’s Pre-Qualification Management (PQM) system will assist our subcontractors in keeping their required pre-qualification information up-to-date to ensure availability for invitations to bid. Using Textura’s PQM is the easiest and best way to maintain your pre-qualified status with Nibbi Brothers. The PQM will offer both parties reduced administrative costs and will help us better separate the qualified subcontractors from the unqualified subcontractors. If you are a current subscriber to the Textura PQM and your subscription level allows it, there is no additional fee.

For more information about the Textura PQM system or to subscribe, please visit the Textura website at or call 1-866-TEXTURA (1-866-839-8872).

Subscription benefits include:

  • A centralized database to store and maintain pre-qualification information, allowing the user to enter data once for continual access.
  • Ability to submit pre-qualification information electronically with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Real-time visibility to pre-qualification approval status.
  • Access to over 200 other General Contractors’ pre-qualification processes and/or forms.
  • Increased marketing exposure with 50,000 users across North America.

For questions regarding bidding for jobs and pre-qualifying with Nibbi Brothers please contact:

Estimating Department
(415) 863-1820 – tel
(415) 241-2951 – estimating fax
[email protected] – email