Victory Village Apartments

New Affordable Apartments for Seniors
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$28.7 million
Van Meter Williams Pollack
Resources for Community Development

Project Summary

Victory Village Apartments is a senior affordable rental community. It is surrounded by serene oak woodland with easy access to a large open space preserve and adjacent to bus stops serving Fairfax town center, San Rafael, and Downtown San Francisco. The building is a wood-frame development with bike storage, laundry rooms, an elevator, a community room with a kitchen, and offices for property management and services.

The three wings of the building flank two separate courtyard areas. The building steps up according to the sloped grade from two stories in the front to three in the middle and back down to two at the rear. The design included a foundation system of reinforced concrete piers or torque down piles to address areas of weak and compressible soil on the development site.