South American Tropical Forest Exhibit

San Francisco Zoo
San Francisco
August 2015
ED2 International; Thinc Design
San Francisco Zoo

Project Summary

The new South American Tropical Forest exhibit’s goal is to allow visitors to mingle among the plants and free flight birds, and linger at vivariums that emerge and blend into their surrounds. Included are pull out areas for programming, a reptile immersion area, and a children’s tunnel below a waterfall.

Nibbi’s scope included demo of existing floor slabs; installation of new under-floor concrete air duct; new topping slabs and permeation grouting under new footings;
structural support for various interior exhibit components; supplemental steel support, beams, foundation walls and an elevated floor slab. Custom exhibit elements include faux rock work and trees, a mesh enclosure, water falls, display enclosures and tanks, custom wood benches, an AV closet, plantings and graphics. The project also includes new lighting, plumbing and mechanical work.