Palcare Child Care Center

Renovation for New Child Care Center in Burlingame.
  • Palcare finish pix 8-26-11 004
  • Palcare Playground Area
Burlingame, CA
August 2011
8 Months
LMS Architects

Project Summary

Providing a new quality child care facility was Nibbi’s main focus for Palcare in Burlingame. Palcare is a developmentally based childcare and educational program which places a very strong emphasis on the development of a love for learning, the beginnings of autonomy and moral growth. The facility provides childcare to infants (up to 24 months), toddlers (24-36 months), and preschool (3 years to kindergarten). Together Nibbi and Palcare worked toward the goals of providing high quality, flexible schedule child care in an environment that supports the growth and development of children, their families, and the care-giving professionals that work with them.

Renovation and expansion to the existing facility was provided in order to accommodate the need for expanded childcare and administrative areas, and to meet required codes and regulations. Renovations consisted of approximately 3,600 square-feet of space currently used by Palcare on the ground floor and approximately 2,600 square-feet on the second floor that has not been previously used by Palcare.