Mission Creek Park Maintenance Building

New Mission Creek Park Maintenance Facility
San Francisco, CA
July 2008
4 months
MK Think
Catellus Development Corp

Project Summary

What does a city do with that odd, neglected space under a freeway? In San Francisco where an abandoned 3-acre parcel occupies space below several freeway off-ramps, the answer is Mission Creek Park.

Teaming with several public agencies, community groups, a private sector sponsor and a talented landscape architect, Nibbi Brothers built the second facility of the park, a simple yet dramatic structure serving the emerging Mission Bay residential community and the city as a whole.

The Mission Creek Maintenance Facility and its eye-catching design, made up of wood slats and translucent blue plastic pays homage to the historic wooden ships that used to ply Mission Bay. The single story pre-fabricated steel building securely stores park maintenance equipment and houses public restrooms as well as administrative offices. The exterior is finished with Danpalon, translucent architectural wall panels and IPE Brazilian hard wood.