Malthouse Condominiums

Rebirth of Historic Malthouse.
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  • Malthouse
  • Maltohouse
San Francisco, CA
June 2002
30 months
MBH Architects
Emerald Fund, Inc.

Project Summary

This former historic malting facility was converted into an 180,000 square-foot high-end condominium development consisting of 88 units and a 97-car below-grade concrete parking garage. The project consists of four separate mid-rise buildings integrated by a center courtyard. The flagship building is the seismically retrofitted historic Bauer Schweitzer Tower and Malting Building with its two 25-foot diameter restored steel silos. The largest building is a new 5-story poured-in-place post tensioned concrete building, with all concrete work performed by Nibbi. The two remaining buildings are wood framed. These market-rate units have high ceilings, granite countertops, and high quality finishes. The entire project has facades on three major streets in the upscale area of North Beach/Fisherman’s Wharf. Nibbi Brothers worked closely with the developer, Emerald Fund, in negotiating the contract and provided extensive preconstruction and value engineering services for this fast-track project.