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Retail expansion
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  • City Center March 2019
San Francisco, CA
September 2019
Studio 111

Project Summary

Nibbi built new additions to the retail complex at Geary and Masonic. The project consists of 4 components. The Masonic Retail component is a new concrete structure that is a 22,943 sq. ft. extension of the Lot B deck to cover the area of Lot A. Under this concrete deck will be more parking and 3,000 sq. ft. of new retail space at the Southwest corner. The Retail Pad is a new 21,765 sq. ft., 2-story steel building that has an entrance into the 2nd floor from Lot E and an entrance to the first floor from Lot F. The Crow’s Nest is an existing 5,940 sq. ft. retail space that includes 2 floors and a penthouse that was demolished and expanded to 13,448 sq. ft. spanning two floors and for a preschool. The Retail Shed is a 1,190 sq. ft. space under the driving ramp to Lot D that housed mechanical equipment and was converted into retail space.