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Event - April 27, 2013

Rebuilding Together Peninsula 2013 @ “Casa Olga”

As Rebuilding Together jobs go, it was a tough one. The white house on the corner of Cipriani and Newlands streets in Belmont needed more than a power wash and a couple coats of paint; it also needed a serious garage clean-out, seismic work on the foundation, a drainage system at the back of the house, and all new kitchen appliances (dishwasher, oven/range/hood, refrigerator), among other tasks.

Such a big job took three weekends in a row. Warehouse Manager Jim Girk was typically the first to arrive, parking his white Nibbi truck, filled with tools and supplies, in front of the house that Olga Bound (83) has inhabited since 1978. With the help of Nibbi field and office employees, including Nibbi President Bob Nibbi, Vice President Mike Nibbi (who has led Nibbi’s Rebuilding Together efforts for more than two decades) and Vice President of Operations Greg Narvick, Jim and the Nibbi team managed to complete all its scheduled tasks by the end of Rebuilding Day on Saturday, April 27.

The house now has a fresh coat of white paint with a warm sienna trim, a new retaining wall in the house’s crawl space, reinforced support beams, a new drainage system at the rear of the house, new entrance hand rails, a new fence, all new Energy Star kitchen appliances, and a garage that has much less debris and about 20 fewer typewriters (one of Olga’s sons used to repair them and used them for parts).

“It’s been so hard keeping up with this house,” admitted Olga, whose husband died suddenly in 1987, at age 54, leaving her with three teenage boys and a small, monthly Social Security check. Olga’s three sons, Steve, Mike and William, have since returned to live with Olga, but the immensity of the house’s repair needs was more than even they could collectively tackle.

“This is such a blessing,” said Olga, admiring the fresh paint on her house and hugging the volunteers. “My family is so grateful, thank you, thank you.”

Thank you, too, to Nibbi’s volunteers, including: Brian Burke, Ireneo Cordero, Kieran Daly, Jordan Drake, Kira Feuz, James Girk, Jr., Jim Girk, John Gardner and wife, Jill Lonergan and husband, Tommy Molina, Greg Narvick and sons, Bob Nibbi, Mike Nibbi, Tom Perko, Nick Turner, and Ron VanWart.