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February 21, 2018

Nibbi Receives CEA 2017 Safety in Excellence Award

We are proud that our hard work and continuous efforts are being recognized. It is an honor to once again receive the 2017 Excellence in Safety Award from the Construction Employers Association (CEA).

Excellence in Safety Awards recognize CEA members who have achieved three out of the following five criteria: An injury and illness incident rate at least 25% below the industry average; a lost workday rate also at least 25% below the industry average; an experience modification rate (X-Mod) below 100; a flat or improving X-Mod trend; and demonstration of an active safety training program.

Thank you to our employees, subcontractors, clients and partners for their commitment to continuing to be a leader in safety.

Nibbi’s Robert Ortiz (Safety Manager), Cassie Hilaski (Director of EHS), and James Zimmerman (Superintendent, JFK Towers) received the award for Nibbi at a luncheon hosted by CEA on Feb 1st at the Contra Costa Country Club.