Over 70 Years of Strong Partnerships and Great Buildings

For decades, the Nibbi family has been building its business on a foundation of integrity and strong relationships. In 1950, Marino Nibbi started a small business as a carpenter in San Francisco. Word quickly spread about the quality of Marino’s work and his honest, straightforward approach. Business grew, and Marino’s brother Pete joined him, forming Nibbi Brothers.

Marino’s two sons, Sergio and Larry, joined the company in 1957 and 1963, respectively, and continued the expansion of the company, eventually taking over the business from their father when he retired in 1973.

With each year, new milestones were established starting with the construction in 1963 of the new Bell Market, the first concrete tilt-up to be built by this fledgling company. In 1966 Nibbi celebrated its first year of having performed more than $1 million dollars worth of work. In 1973 Nibbi built 63 pre-fabricated portable classrooms on 21 sites for the San Francisco School District in a mere 90 days, a task that everyone said was impossible.

Today, Nibbi Brothers General Contractors is led by Sergio’s sons Bob and Michael, who serve as Chief Executive Officer/President and Vice President, respectively, along with Chief Financial Officer Raj Choudhary, Chief Estimator John Kugler, Chief Operating Officer Greg Narvick and Vice President of Business Development & Marketing Joe Olla. By staying true to its core values through the years, Nibbi Brothers has evolved into one of the strongest and most respected construction companies in the Bay Area–building some of the most iconic structures in Northern California through great partnerships and lasting relationships.