RAD – Cal Corridor Phases I & II

Renovation of affordable housing buildings across 6 locations
  • 491 31st Street - from Google Maps
  • 1880 Pine - Google Maps
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  • 1760 Bush Street Google Maps image
  • 2698 California Street Google Maps image
  • JFK Towers 2451 Sacramento St Google Maps image
San Francisco
June 2018
Paulett Taggart Architects; Gelfand Partners Architects; Barcelon & Jang Architecture
Mercy Housing; John Stewart Company

Project Summary

Cal Corridor Phases I and II are public housing projects under the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program undergoing substantial rehabilitation. The buildings of Cal Corridor Phase I – all built in 1973 – are situated in three San Francisco locations: 345 Arguello Boulevard in the Inner Richmond includes 69 units; 491 31st Avenue in the Outer Richmond includes 75 units and 1880 Pine Street is located in Lower Pacific Heights includes 118 units – 257 units in total.

Cal Corridor Phase II is an additional 3 buildings undergoing rehabilitation. The building are all located in the Lower Pacific Heights at: 1760 Bush Street including 108 units ; 2698 California Street including 46 units and 2451 Sacramento Street including 99 units.

The focus of the rehabilitation is on improving the essential functions of the building including fire and life safety, code compliance and waterproofing. This includes replacement of windows, cabinets, flooring and some roofing; painting and other upgrades.